Saturday, December 7, 2013

Babies on the Farm

These are little keets.  They are guinea fowl as adults. Our first keets, 
we are excited to watch them grow and eat all the ticks on the farm.
They make interesting noises and sound alarms when
there is danger. Should be interesting.

 These are a couple of our baby silkies.  We just love these chickens.  
They are bantams which means they are smaller.
We find them to be a little more quiet than our biggger chickens.
When full size they look like fluff balls in the yard.

 And our new baby goat.  He is such a love bug.  We named him "Buddy".
He loves to get on our laps and just sit there.  
When we ride bikes he follows us like a dog, he
will even sit on the porch and watch to see who is coming 
to visit the farm.
The photo below could have so many captions. 
I think it is a fun photo.

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