about me

Here is our family Christmas photo. This is a photo of 4 of our dogs and 4 of our 5 children.
Our oldest is 24 married and expecting her first baby.  Yes, we are going to be grandparents. We have 5 children, and many pets.  We love animals.  We bought 5 acres, 2 years ago and it has been nicknamed "the farm".  My husband is living his dream.  I find it as a wonderful opportunity for our children to experience so many things.

I am blessed to be able to stay home with our kids and homeschool them.  I love staying home and helping my kids learn in so many ways.  Another thing I love to do, is to see how far I can stretch my husbands paycheck.  It can be time consuming but rewarding.

Another thrifty habit I have is...... throwing something away unless it is really broken.
We have so many old shirts the kids have outgrown, I keep them to use to wipe the windows.  I love the griddles you can get at Christmas time for like $10.  Ours has been left in the oven and baked, and the handle is broken, but it still works.  A good friend of mine bought me a new one for Christmas and now I have 2. Until it no longer works, I just can't get rid of it.

I started this blog at the encouragement of a couple friends and my wonderful husband.  I feel what we do is ordinary, but I thought I might have something interesting to share.