Wednesday, February 1, 2017

From Pumpkin Seed to Pumpkin Meal....You Can Do It!

From this.......

To this........... EASY!

 First you want to get the seeds scrapped out of the pumpkin, I know I sound silly but 
it really is the first step.
Then rinse the seeds and bake them, do not add anything to them.
I bake till they are crisp.  I set the oven at 325.
Once cooled place in a device that process them into a powder.
I use my Vitamix but I have also used my food processor.

It may take a little bit but it will eventually turn to a powder.

 Let it cool again, 
It will heat up from the processing.
Once cooled put in a container. 
Or a baggie, I usually store in the freezer to preserve it longer.

See wasn't that easy.
Now you can throw it into anything and reap the health benefits of it.
Here are a few ways we use it.
Sprinkle it on dog food, helps with digestion.
Sprinkle it in oatmeal or chilli.
Honestly we sprinkle it in a lot of stuff.
Our biggest reason we use it is for digestion.

Learn more about the health benefits here.

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