Saturday, December 7, 2013

Babies on the Farm

These are little keets.  They are guinea fowl as adults. Our first keets, 
we are excited to watch them grow and eat all the ticks on the farm.
They make interesting noises and sound alarms when
there is danger. Should be interesting.

fun idea for a birthday cake

So my son Luke turned 16 this year.  He has Autism and can get focused on things and stays
focused on them for a long time.  For the past year, he has wanted chin hair.  He is so funny, in
the mornings after he showers he goes straight to the mirror and raises his chin to look for chin hair.

Sometimes he will reach out for the beards of some people.  We have to tell him that is not
appropriate and he stops but will stare.  As of today, he has 3 hairs.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Magic Elves are back...

 The Elves are back........
This year only Rosemary and Alvin came back.
Brooks is our other elf but he didn't return this year.
Our 13 year old hasn't asked for him to return.

Just to share a little with you about the Elves.  Our Elves are Magic Elves, not Elf on the shelf.
My daughter tells me the difference is that you are allowed to hold our elves and cuddle.

Flea market madness in Warrenton, TX

 Twice a year in Warrenton, TX
They hold miles of flea markets. When you first get there you are overwhelmed.
I have only been twice and I still don't think I understand
how to navigate through the thousands of vendors.
I have managed to convince my husband to tag along every time.
I love having him with me because he helps me to see where I can put something
or does it have potential, there is less impulse spending that way.