Saturday, December 7, 2013

fun idea for a birthday cake

So my son Luke turned 16 this year.  He has Autism and can get focused on things and stays
focused on them for a long time.  For the past year, he has wanted chin hair.  He is so funny, in
the mornings after he showers he goes straight to the mirror and raises his chin to look for chin hair.

Sometimes he will reach out for the beards of some people.  We have to tell him that is not
appropriate and he stops but will stare.  As of today, he has 3 hairs.
 We joke that when he does get a
beard he will never shave it.

So for his birthday we took a close up of him and took it to our local grocery store bakery and asked if they could put the picture of him on the cake and add an icing mustache and goatee.  It was a hoot.  We got so many comments on the way to check out.  We hated to eat it.  It is definitely one of our favorite
cake memories.

I forgot to add that we all wore stick on mustaches, we had no idea at the time how popular the idea is right now.  We just did it because our son is in love with facial hair. :)  I will add those mustaches are pretty uncomfortable to eat with.

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