Friday, August 30, 2013

How to Make A Belly Band for Male Dogs

So my male dog is notorious for marking.
No matter how much I let him out, I find a spot.
It drives me crazy. I stumbled upon a 
site that showed belly bands and I thought hey that 
might help. They are reasonably priced but I thought I 
would try to make my own.  So I went to my fabric stash
and had at it.  The following is what I did.

I measured his waist and also how wide I 
would need it to be.

Next I saw that there needs to be a pocket for the maxi
pad that will absorb the urine.
Online it looked just like the lining of a boys swim
trunks.  Well, guess what?  I cut those out of my boys 
trunks and save them for, because you just might need it
sometime. So glad I had that on hand.

So I found some flannel and cut both out to size.
then laid the liner over to figure out where it should go.

I then folded the cut edge of the liner under so there
would be a cleaner edge when I sewed it.
I did not sew the elastic part, so that I could slip
the pad in the pocket.

With right sides together I sewed the edges, leaving the end
open so I could turn it inside out. 

After I sewed the sides.

I pinned the open edge and sewed it.

I went ahead and sewed around the edge for a neater look.

Next I found some velcro, I got real lucky and found some
navy blue. 

Finished product.  I like it but I see that he has a 
little gap. I could either just let it go or sew a little piece of velcro
there.  Knowing me I will probably let it go. 
It saved me about 9 dollars, it took me a little over an hour.
Bonus, I had all the material to make it.
I gotta say, I LOVE THIS BAND!  
I have so much peace knowing that I am not going to see marking
or smell the marking.  I have had to change the pad and wash the band already.
But I didn't have to mop or wash my couch.  That is a good thing.

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