Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sugared Pecans, YUM!

So I have an all time favored recipe at the holidays. It is so easy and fast. I am thankful to an old friend of mine that share it with me years ago.
It is Sugared Pecans.
Here is the recipe

2 1/4 cups of pecans

Monday, December 3, 2012

Good times in Indiana with my Mom

The first of November my youngest and I had an opportunity to fly to my moms in Indiana. We did some shopping in a little town called Roanoke.
The weather was amazing, then the day we had to fly home it snowed. Adelynn got to see snow she was so excited. I was excited to see my mom. My dad died the month adelynn was born so she never met him. My mom loves it when we come she gets pretty lonely. I thought I would share some photos of our little trip.

25 days of elf-magic

Magic Elf Fishing Party
A year ago while visiting my sister in Alabama. My kids and I discovered elf-magic elves. These little
elves come from Santa and stay with the children till Christmas. They bring a sack and magic snow with them. The kids put the snow on them at night so the elves come alive and do things at night, usually mischief. Sometimes the elves put presents in their bags. Oh and the kids need to leave crackers and water out because they love that. On Christmas Eve Santa will pick up his special elves to take back to the North Pole. Last year out youngest hid hers