Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter party ideas

This Easter was a little hard for me to be motivated to host Easter.
I've been really involved with catching up with homeschooling and taking
care of Espen's recovery from surgery.
So it was Wednesday before Easter and the kids asked one more time,
"What are we gonna do for Easter?"
I picked myself up and said, "We are gonna have a picnic, with games!"
We collected duck eggs because they are bigger than chicken eggs.
Then we blew them out.  Oh boy is that hard and time consuming.
We chose to blow them out for a couple of reasons. So they would last longer and
we wanted to try to modge podge them.
We found tissue paper and some fun string and other things laying around that would
make a fun egg.  We bought some dye so we could dye some eggs.  We wanted
a variety.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Table Runner: DIY using painters drop cloths

I wanted to change things up a little instead of using my place mats I was thinking
a table runner might be nice.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

"silkies" the fluffy chicken

I just love the chicken breed known as
Maybe it's because they are small and fluffy.  I don't know but I love them.
If you take the time to hold them they can become like a pet.
We have had some so tame they come when we call their name.

They also make excellent Mothers.  Another reason I love them.
They stay with their babies and it looks like they count them and talk to them.
We have had one mother die trying to save her babies.  One of our mommy's took on 
a red tail hawk and the hawk retreated!  We have new babies on the farm and of
course I had to photograph them.

 If you ever have a chance to have chickens try the silkie.
You might just fall in LOVE.