Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Table Runner: DIY using painters drop cloths

I wanted to change things up a little instead of using my place mats I was thinking
a table runner might be nice.
I love the burlap, grain sack, linen type material and in my opionion
the drop cloths from Lowes give you the look of all 3.
Plus they are cheaper. I think the one I bought was $15.
Once washed they soften up, I learned though that the more you wash 
them the softer they get.  I use the drop cloths for table cloths when I have events
because of their look and durability.

My table runner got some dye on it from coloring Easter eggs and I got
worried it was stained FOREVER.  I washed it and was ready
to see the stain when I pulled it out of the dryer and it was gone.
Needless to say I was a happy woman.

In case you were interested in making a table runner I wanted to share 
with you how I made this one.
I started with measuring how wide I wanted the width and took into account
the seam before I cut.  Then I sewed up the side seams.  I turn in the side and sew
then I sew the seam again so that there is no raw edge.  I do that so that
there will be no loose strings when it does get washed.

The picture below shows the first ruffle already attached.  I forgot to show how
I did the ruffle.  I measured how big I wanted the ruffle.  It is a personal opinion. 
I again sewed all my seams top, bottom and side then I did a basting or running stitch.
(Basting stitch is where you turn the dial to the biggest stitch)
To make the ruffle just pull the top stitch of the basting or running stitch.
The ruffles start and you just push them through to the desired ruffle.
I then pinned it to the edge of the runner.  I decided to make the end of the ruffle
and the end of the runner meet. You could play with what look you want.
Now I change the dial back to a 2 or 3 and sew the ruffle on. I try to 
sew across the basting stitch, so that you don't see so much stitching.

I wanted a second ruffle but with a lighter material 
so I found this in my stash.  This shows
the sewing of the edging.

Here I attached the second ruffle. 
It hangs lower than the edge of the runner.

This shows all three layers

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