Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter party ideas

This Easter was a little hard for me to be motivated to host Easter.
I've been really involved with catching up with homeschooling and taking
care of Espen's recovery from surgery.
So it was Wednesday before Easter and the kids asked one more time,
"What are we gonna do for Easter?"
I picked myself up and said, "We are gonna have a picnic, with games!"
We collected duck eggs because they are bigger than chicken eggs.
Then we blew them out.  Oh boy is that hard and time consuming.
We chose to blow them out for a couple of reasons. So they would last longer and
we wanted to try to modge podge them.
We found tissue paper and some fun string and other things laying around that would
make a fun egg.  We bought some dye so we could dye some eggs.  We wanted
a variety.

I find that you can find anything around the house and find a different
purpose for it.
Like the clear vase, it was a nice way to display the already decorated eggs.
I snatched up that vase last week for 10 cents at a yard sale.

The jugs I got at an estate sale.  I was not going to get them but my husband really
liked them.  I am glad he talked me into it, now I find lots of ways to use them.
The flowers I got at Hobby Lobby when they had their 50% off.  I usually
have them in a basket in the house.

The table cloths are drop cloths from Lowe's.

Remember the pom poms from my daughters baby shower.
I saved them and re fluffed them.
It was over cast that day and I was worried all day it was gonna
let loose.  It didn't.  We had a great day.

The eggs in the basket we used for egg toss.
The bunny is one of my favorites around the farm he is always
moving to a different spot.  I found him at a metal art shop, he
was all different colors.  So I spray painted him off white.

I found some of my jelly jars in the pantry to use for the dye for the eggs.
I found it an easy way for people to know the color.
We had a contest for adults and kids with a prize for the winner.  In the
end everyone got a prize.

It was fun to watch our grandson's first Easter.

There's my boy, he loves coffee. He snuck a drink when my daughter put her cup down.
We caught him and didn't let her drink the rest. I had to take a picture first.

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