Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bragging rights

I just gotta brag on these little guys. My youngest and were making cookies and all the dogs came to see if they could catch a crumb. They are too cute.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

DIY Crate for a Christmas tree

This year when we pulled out the Christmas tree my wonderful
husband said, "hey honey, I can make a crate for the tree to sit in".
I loved the idea.

So he went to work using some lumber that was left over from other
projects.  You could easily take a pallet apart and use that too.
After he built it.  I sanded it down. 
Then applied a cream colored semi gloss paint.  I applied 3 coats.
After it dried, I sanded it to give it the distress look.
I could of left it like that but the wood looked to new and fresh.
So, I took some dark stain and applied it using old rag.  I just wiped it 
on the distressed part.

Refinishing a shelf

So I decided to do 2 projects this weekend. We have had such beautiful weather this week I just has to start a project.
I enlisted the help if my 15 year old son. He loves to help. He loves having a task. He did a great job of sanding this shelf, that I am wanting to use in our bedroom.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Little farmers at work

Luke and adelynn decided to go rake up straw for our little goat. They worked so hard and as a team. Gotta love team work.

Decorating for a dollar!

I love Saturday mornings!
Just because it is Saturday, but also it is my day to go to yard sales. It is my shopping fix. I was able to decorate my kitchen window for a dollar. Yay!
You never know what you will find.....