Saturday, November 23, 2013

It's cold outside... let's have some Potato Soup.

Potato soup
My all time favorite soup.
Easy to make.

peel as many potatoes as you like
dice them into small sections
cover them in the sauce pan with milk

cook on medium heat until they are soft

Friday, November 22, 2013

Buddy vs the Rattlesnake

Our goat Buddy, gives us so many stories to tell.
These post are little late because there has been so much going on this fall.

One morning I went out to let the goats out of their house and feed them.
My heart sank when I didn't see Buddy calling for me.
I prepared myself that something is wrong.  I don't handle our kids or animals 
getting hurt very well.   I tend to panic then calm down.

I got to the goat door and saw Buddy in the corner not moving very much
and then I saw his face.  He was bleeding from the face.
I called my husband and pleaded for him to run home even though he had just gotten to work.
For he is my peace.  He helps me to calm down and look at things calmly.

I opened the door and Buddy didn't want to come out.  He kept his face in 
the corner, like he was embarrassed for me to see him that way.
He remained that way till he healed.  Goats really do have 
a personality.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

What happens when only 1 duck hatches

The lone duck.
Our daughter LOVES Ducks.

We tried hatching some of our duck eggs. 
Only one hatched for some reason.

The problem with that is....they need each other.
They become very lonely.
Interesting fact is that they do get imprinted.
So little Duckie was imprinted by our daughter.

Halloween costumes look at these characters

Halloween oh let the fun begin.
My husband goes all out.  He is always motivated by the contest
at work.  He usually always places the top 3. He loves dressing up with the kids too.
This year he was Captain Hook.
He and the kids took to the streets strutting their stuff.
Captain Hook loved carrying Little Peter Pan around the neighborhood...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Who Would Have Known? Goats love pumpkins!

Fall on our Farm
Fall is always a fun time.     
In texas we don't get to see a lot of color but we always enjoy
the pumpkins, the mums and the weather. 
This year we found out that goats like to eat pumpkins.
We had a lot of fun with that.

Vintage Doors Become Backdrop for Our Bedroom

I finally finished those doors that we picked up at a flea market. 
I got to say I love how they turned out.
I sanded them and touched up some of the paint and sanded again.
My awesome husband figured out how to put them together.
Then I found the perfect wreath at Target.
Have I ever told you? That I absolutely LOVE Boxwoods.
With the wreath the whole thing cost $140.00.