Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How I transformed a deer skull (head) into something artsy

 Do you have any of these around the house?
Ever wondered how can I decorate with this and make it work with my style
of decorating?  
This was my son's deer.  It was just sitting around.
I didn't want it to break but wanted to figure out how to display it
in a way that would flow with my decor.
I asked him can I decorate it.  He kindly said, "go for it".

So I did.
Here is what I came up with.
I had envisioned a deco podge look.
So I took an old book and cut it into strips and soaked them in water.
Then I laid them in a pattern on the skull, just to make sure I was going to like it.
Didn't want to make it permanent, if I wasn't sure.
I liked the look.
 So I decided I wanted to use a book that I liked.
I went with Romeo and Juliet.  
Not because I love the book but I love the thought of Romance!
I know a dead deer head isn't romantic. 
It turned out to be a romantic piece in our guest bathroom in our cabin though.

       I started with packing paper. I modged podged it first, that way I would have a more solid

              Next, I cut strips from the book.  I looked for parts I thought would be interesting
                                                              to see or that would pop.

                       I love the the little strip, where the nurse tells Juliet that his name is Romeo.

Here he is all wrapped in William Shakespeare.
Isn't he romantic. :)
He turned out to be an interesting piece in our 
little guest bathroom.

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