Saturday, June 21, 2014

re purpose of a rabbit hutch

This weekend my daughter adopted a new bunny. 
I'm know you are completely shocked!  My husband was. :)
Anyway, they gave us the outside hutch and an indoor cage.
We are keeping the bunny indoors so we had no use for the hutch.
Then it hit me.... 

I could use it as a chicken brooder. 
Then I could get the baby chicks and hen, off my back porch.
We have had situations where snakes have gotten our
babies. So we like to move them out of the coop till they are bigger.
We usually use an ugly tote on the porch.
But now we are all fancy.

The bottom has a wire and tray but right now the babies
can't walk on that.   As luck would have it, we had
pizza the night before.  Guess what, that pizza box made a great
floor for those babies.  That way the food didn't fall
through the floor too.
Eventually, we will probably paint the hutch. Can't you just see 
something whimsical. 

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