Monday, June 23, 2014

vintage shelf for a small bathroom

Perfect piece for my guest bathroom.

In our guest bathroom we have a blank wall that just needed something.
It had to be small though, because the room 
feels very small.
Last weekend I was out going to some yard sales and I found it.
I saw it across the yard and I walked as fast as I 
could to snatch it up, before someone else.
Inside, I was smiling head to toe.
It was perfect and I knew exactly where it was going.
Even more exciting it was $1. Yep, can you believe it!
I'm still smiling.

I took a fine grade sand paper and sanded all the loose stuff off.
Then spray painted it my favorite spray paint color.
Heirloom white satin buy rust-oleum.
Had this project done in 1 hour.
It took longer for it to dry and hang it up then to sand and paint.

The other challenge was; what to put on the shelf.
I want it to be pretty but also practical.
I will most likely keep playing around with the decor.
For now, I opted for same color wash cloths.
I had some glass jars from some candles I had so I filled them with
cotton swabs and travel soaps (practical stuff).
I had some old glass bottles that I thought would work.
It fit perfect though.
I would encourage you to go to some yard sales and find some treasures for your home.

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