Friday, November 22, 2013

Buddy vs the Rattlesnake

Our goat Buddy, gives us so many stories to tell.
These post are little late because there has been so much going on this fall.

One morning I went out to let the goats out of their house and feed them.
My heart sank when I didn't see Buddy calling for me.
I prepared myself that something is wrong.  I don't handle our kids or animals 
getting hurt very well.   I tend to panic then calm down.

I got to the goat door and saw Buddy in the corner not moving very much
and then I saw his face.  He was bleeding from the face.
I called my husband and pleaded for him to run home even though he had just gotten to work.
For he is my peace.  He helps me to calm down and look at things calmly.

I opened the door and Buddy didn't want to come out.  He kept his face in 
the corner, like he was embarrassed for me to see him that way.
He remained that way till he healed.  Goats really do have 
a personality.

Above picture is that morning.

So my husband came home and we did what every normal person does.
We searched for answers on the internet. :)
He came to the conclusion that he had gotten bit by a rattle snake.
The poison is what had caused the swelling in his face and neck.
Then we had to decide to go to the vet or wait.

Well............ I waited till about noon and couldn't wait anymore.
I took him to a vet.
Finding a vet that sees goats is hard to find.
We found a wonderful guy.  Very reasonable in price and helped me keep the price down.
He said that Buddy should heal fine but he needed a steroid for the swelling
and an antibiotic. He allowed me to give it to him to help with cost.

So we gave him an antibiotic for a week and taught our daughter how to give it.
She is wanting to become a vet and is in a 4h vet science project.

We also had to spray his wound with peroxide and wash it everyday to keep it clean.
He has healed up nicely. 
He is right back his old self wanting to eat everything.
He is precious, he wishes he was a dog and could live inside.
One day we came home to find he had jumped the fence and came in the house.
We could write a book about Buddy.
He loves mac and cheese
He watches us when we come home
He comes when called 
and wants to eat till he can't eat anymore.
Best of all he likes to sit on your lap.
If only he would stay out of the garden.

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