Thursday, November 21, 2013

Halloween costumes look at these characters

Halloween oh let the fun begin.
My husband goes all out.  He is always motivated by the contest
at work.  He usually always places the top 3. He loves dressing up with the kids too.
This year he was Captain Hook.
He and the kids took to the streets strutting their stuff.
Captain Hook loved carrying Little Peter Pan around the neighborhood...

Luke is Elvis, Adelynn was a mime and then our grandson was peter pan.
The Elvis costume was my husbands first Halloween costume.
He made it from his dad's navy uniform and wore it when he was 16.  Luke is 16 this year.

Captain Hook all made from shopping at our local thrift store.
The jacket was a dress that we adorned with fabric from hobby lobby.
The sash made from material from hobby lobby.
The boots, hat and wig from thrift store.
Total cost $35.00

Little peter pan.
My daughter bought his top and pants on clearance at the Gap.
Cut triangles on the shirt and adorned it from suede bought at Hobby Lobby.
The hat is from felt. She found a pattern online.
His little moccasins he already had.
Total cost $10.00

Our little mime 
was $4 for make up.
I love it when it all comes together from stuff you already have.
The other boys didn't want to dress up.

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