Thursday, November 21, 2013

What happens when only 1 duck hatches

The lone duck.
Our daughter LOVES Ducks.

We tried hatching some of our duck eggs. 
Only one hatched for some reason.

The problem with that is....they need each other.
They become very lonely.
Interesting fact is that they do get imprinted.
So little Duckie was imprinted by our daughter.
Sounds fun and very sweet. It is a lot of work.
Little Duckie wants to be with Adelynn all the time!
Duckie considers Adelynn her mom.
She follows her as fast as her little legs can go 
and when she sees Adelynn she stands up tall and flaps her little wings.

The female duck below is Jemima.
This is what Duckie will look like as an adult.

Duckie is now 2 months old and we are working with her to live
with the other Rouen Female Ducks.
She is adjusting very well and still loves our visits with her.
I wouldn't trade the wonderful experience this has been.
Even though it has been a lot of work the joy has out weight the work.

My kids will always remember this. 
All of this has taught them to respect, dedication, and compassion. 

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