Monday, December 3, 2012

25 days of elf-magic

Magic Elf Fishing Party
A year ago while visiting my sister in Alabama. My kids and I discovered elf-magic elves. These little
elves come from Santa and stay with the children till Christmas. They bring a sack and magic snow with them. The kids put the snow on them at night so the elves come alive and do things at night, usually mischief. Sometimes the elves put presents in their bags. Oh and the kids need to leave crackers and water out because they love that. On Christmas Eve Santa will pick up his special elves to take back to the North Pole. Last year out youngest hid hers
because she didn't want her to leave.

My family has 3 elves so we have 3 times the fun.

I thought that I would dedicate the next 25 days to blogging our elf adventures.
I know I have already missed 3 days so I will roll 3 into one. Because that's what us moms do.
So far our little elves have......
Day 1.....
Drew a mustache and big hairy eyebrows on mom and dad.

Day 2.....
They sat in the fridge and had eggnog .

Day 3.....
They climbed the chandelier decorated with greenery.

Day 4....
Alvin made a snow angel, while rosemary was reading a Christmas cookie recipe and brooks was just having a good time watching.

Day 5....
The elves brought little surprises in their bags. Them they went swinging from our snowflakes. I guess their were missing the snow.

Day 6....
One of the elves "brooks" wrapped the other elves up in lights and sat eating a cookie while they were all wrapped up.

Day 7.... The elves strike again. They drew mustaches and beards on the kids. Ha ha ha. The kids didn't find it so funny.

Day 8.... The elves played hide and seek in our Christmas village.

Day 9... Last night the elves did a group hug under the mistletoe.

Day 10...those crazy elves decided to go rope climbing. I am wondering where they are getting all these ideas

Day 11.... Zipline was the thing to do last night. They were having so much fun zipping down the ribbon. They did an amazing job on their zip line, the kids played with them releasing them down.

Day 11...we woke up to ins the elves were riding horses. They even used ribbon to make harnesses. Brooks even had a scope on his horse.

Day12...we woke up to find the elves had a marshmallow roast.

Day 13... The elves had a race to the top of the Christmas tree.

Day 14...Barbie and her friends took the elves captive and his them away. I guess they wanted a part of the fun the elves have.

Day 14.... Unbelievable those elves made fishing poles using a candy cane and paper clip for a hook. They had a night of fishing. Oh those elves are clever.
Day 15... They had a slumber party at Barbies house.

Day 16... The elves had a snowball fight and had the smurfs help them

I will try to post pics of all their antic

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