Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Magic Elves are back...

 The Elves are back........
This year only Rosemary and Alvin came back.
Brooks is our other elf but he didn't return this year.
Our 13 year old hasn't asked for him to return.

Just to share a little with you about the Elves.  Our Elves are Magic Elves, not Elf on the shelf.
My daughter tells me the difference is that you are allowed to hold our elves and cuddle.
Our Elves show up throughout the year for special occasions, and at Christmas time, or whenever.
They LOVE crackers and water.  They have a bag they bring and sometimes they
put gifts in that bag for you.  They also bring a jar of magic snow flakes to sprinkle.
Some nights they just bring a gift and some nights they have mischief.
Every morning your child wakes up to find what the elves did last night.
On Christmas Eve Santa collects his Elves to go home with him.
I thought you would enjoy seeing some of the things our elves have done this year and
my older post shows some of what they did last year.

This year started with our daughter anxious for Rosemary to come back.
Last year she hid Rosemary so she wouldn't leave.  She was heart sick that Rosemary 
was going to leave for a whole year.
Hopeful, she set out crackers and water for her and made a Welcome Home sign.
The next morning Adelynn woke up to find Rosemary back and in the barbie
bed that she had made for her.  Luke was upset that his elf Alvin didn't come.
So she helped Luke set out crackers and water and made a sign.
It worked Alvin showed up the next day.

The adventures have begun...

                                  Elves love decorating trees and were anxious to get started.
                                     They got out all of my daughters ornaments that night.

                                                       They were racing in the roller skates.

                 They decided to go for a boat ride since they can't do that at the North Pole.

                                                           Luke is retrieving the elves.

They were acting like nutcrackers.

This morning they brought gifts. 
Adelynn got a unicorn and Luke got an ornament.

That silly Alvin made Rosemary a snowgloble and her little dog too!

"Selfie" Those elves made a self portrait to add to our family photos.

In a woven vine basket, they set sail with four helium balloons. 

One mischievous elf locked the other two out and stood guard on a Christmas duck.

All three Magic Elves teamed up to barricade the hallway bath. They poked their heads out to taunt the kids when they needed to go to the bathroom in the morning.

The girl elf must have gotten some revenge on the boys because they were locked inside a grapevine snowman.

That long red ribbon must have too tempting! They formed a zip line from the bannister to the Christmas Tree.

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