Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pink Rice Krispy Treats: Baby Shower

Rice Krispy Treats for a Girl Baby Shower
Easier than you think.

Start with the basic Rice Krispy Treat Recipe.
I packed it into a 9X13 lightly buttered dish.
Then used a butter knife gently coated with butter to make the top smooth.
It worked like a charm.

After they cool,
Cut them into whatever size you desire.
They cut pretty easy.

I got the bag of Candy Melts at Michaels,
I ended up using a bag and a half.
Just follow directions on the bag.

I tried just dipping the treat in the melted candy, 
but it didn't have the desired look I was going for.
I opted for spreading it with a spoon.

This method worked easier.

Once applied to the consistency I felt looked right, 
I laid the treat on parchment paper.

They seemed a little plain.
I felt boys would be appropriate.

It was all trial and error.
I used a skewer dipped in the melt and basically dropped 2 globs side by side
and added a pearl candy sprinkle.

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