Monday, January 20, 2014

Meet the newest family member "Theo"


He is simply.... Adorable and just as sweet as his little bunny heart can be.

Our daughter is an animal lover!!!

God has given our little girl a heart to watch over animals.  It's just her gift.
She has been telling us for months that she wants a rabbit.  
She has been scouring the internet for knowledge on breed and care of rabbits.
She has learned so much, she is even educating me.
She really wanted one for Christmas but we were visiting my mom in Indiana.
That is a 23 hour drive from home.  We just didn't see how we could do that, the suburban
was already full with 6 people, 3 dogs, the snack box and luggage.
She was so good she wasn't disappointed Christmas day when there was no rabbit.
But she was still hopeful. :)
After a week of being home she asked if we could visit the pet store.  She is started 
to scheme. We visited one and they had the most adorable bunnies but they weren't ready to leave 
their mommy yet.  It would be 3 more weeks.  This local store breed their own so they know what they are selling.  The wait was agonizing!  She decided she thought it would be nice to adopt one and give it a home.  They local shelters did not have any.  So we checked Craigslist.  We found one!!!
We prayed about it. We called and got information on him.  He is 2 and we are his 3rd home.
It is always a little scary dealing with Craigslist.  We meet him in a safe location and fell in love
with this little guy.  So we took him home.
It has been absolutely perfect!  She is amazingly attentive and takes him out 
to exercise in his play yard daily.  She has already clipped his nails and takes special care in feeding him.  He will be great fun at Easter to use in photo shoots in the blue bonnets here in Texas.


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