Sunday, January 26, 2014

All natural, easy dog treats

Meet the Sweet Potato

We have all heard that sweet potatoes are good for us.
Well, they really are.
But did you know that they are good for your dogs too.
They have Vitamin A,Vitamin C, manganese, fiber and B vitamins, potassium and iron.
They also have Anti inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients.
Can you imagine all those health benefits.
That's a lot packed in to those potatoes.
Our doggies LOVE them.
Like all treats they do not replace their diet but used as a treat.

We have found that an easy, cheap, all natural treat,
full of vitamins is a sweet potato chip.

Here's what you do......
Wash your sweet potato and then slice them thin.
We have a slicer.  It makes it easier.
Then we line a baking sheet with parchment paper
and bake them at 325. 
Bake till crisp, let them cool and then store in a baggie.
Couldn't get much easier than that.

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