Sunday, February 2, 2014

How I did my Gallery wall

Gallery Walls

I love gallery walls the question is how do you 
make them look neat, not just thrown up there.

I scoured the web, looked at pinterest for weeks. Then came up with how to fill
my stairwell with a "Gallery Wall"

We found it easier to start with a big focal point and work our way out and around or down.
I choose to use some black and white pictures, and some that had some pop of color.
I also wanted to throw in some different textures.
I had most of the frames but some were not the color I wanted so I spray painted them.

I found the little scottie dog when I was visiting my mom in Indiana,
I just knew he belonged on my wall.

I like to throw in some color, so the pumpkins gave some great color and
below the blue bonnets added some too.
I also wanted to add pictures that were not of people,
I added the pumpkin picture and the foot one that is under the scottie dog.
I think those photos add some fun.

I hope my Gallery Wall has inspired you to be creative and start your own Gallery Wall.
It is always fun to visit friends and admire their Gallery.
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