Monday, February 16, 2015

Organization of Your Different Flours

Organizing all your different flours.
When changing your diet it can become overwhelming,
buying and storing all the different flours.

My freezer was becoming an unorganized mess.

This year we are trying to change the way we eat.
We have experimented with Gluten Free in the past.
None of us have been diagnosed with Celiacs disease but we
have an Uncle with it and a son with Autism.
For some of these reasons, we are trying to change to Gluten Free.
It has become much easier but still can be challenging.

Here's what I came up with for my sanity.

It looked something like this.

Instead of having the flour packages laying all over the freezer, I put them in jars.
  Clear jars work best but any jar can work.
Most of my jars were used Spaghetti Sauce jars.
The process is pretty simple.
Just cut the label off your package
Lay it across the clean jar
Attach the label with clear packing tape.
Step back and admire at how neat you are!

This has helped me in so many ways.
It has helped save me time.
It takes time to look for those flours if they aren't in plain view.
Honestly ,it is frustrating digging through the bags looking for that one you need.
I'm able to see what flour I have and need to get.
This is a very simple thing to do and it didn't take much time to prepare.
Next time you have Spaghetti for dinner get creative with your jars.

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