Thursday, February 5, 2015

Getting Trendy From Your Old Clothes

Dilemma I don't have time to go shopping or the funds.

I really liked these pants, when they were in style.
As you can see they are to short and flare.
So there they hung in my closet, for years adding to the clutter.

While having coffee with a friend and this woman walked in
with the cutest pants on. 
They looked similar to mine in the closet but rolled.
My mind raced to my flare pants, I was hoping I could achieve the look.
Below is the before and after photos.

Here is my tip.
Just fold the inside hem in a little not to much.
To much will appear bulky.
So fold in the hem and now you should have a cuff.
Roll the cuff up at least once, you can roll the cuff to your desire.
I rolled twice.

I am happy with how it looks,
 now I feel a little more trendy and it didn't cost me a thing.

I would encourage you to shop from your closet.
It can be fun.
It just takes time to think about your options.
Get creative.
You will feel proud of yourself for saving money
and finding a creative side of yourself.

I wanted to tell you about the shirt.
It was a Christmas gift from my stylish daughter.
Here's the thing I love about it.
It helps hide my muffin top and helps minimize my bust.
See you can't even see the muffin. 
As an added bonus, the shirt is extremely soft and comfy.
I could live in it.
In case you want one it is from Old Navy.

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