Thursday, January 29, 2015

Organize Your Shower in Minutes

Ready to go from this...

To this...

or this...

It is so easy to have Hair Cleaning products and Body products 
clutter up the shower.

They get tossed here and there.
It kinda gets to me, I tend to always straighten it up when I'm in the shower.

I had this idea...just put it all in a basket.
I bet the kids can at least keep it there.
Guess what...they do. YAY!

Any basket will work. I recommend a wire basket.
If you don't like the color of your basket spray paint it.

The bottles look so much neater in one place.

Yes that is Oatmeal in a jar in my shower.
I read that you can use straight Oatmeal as a facial scrub.
Oatmeal is good for a lot of things but I wanted to use it to help with
tightening my pores and reducing redness.
I have been using the Oatmeal for about a month now.
 At first it was kinda weird and I was worried I might start to 
have a break out but I haven't.
For now I will keep using it, I feel like it is making a difference.

This basket below needed a new fresh color.
Conveniently, it was a gorgeous day outside.
That gave me the opportunity to spray paint the basket.
My choice of spray paint is usually Satin Heirloom White. 
A tree branch can come in handy to hold the basket while you spray it.

Find a basket and throw all that hygiene stuff it it.
So the next time you step in the shower you can smile at your organizing skills.

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