Monday, January 26, 2015

Fun First Birthday Decorations

Celebrating the First Birthday

Party Ideas

Our first grand baby turned 1 this year.
You can imagine it was a milestone in our lives.
My daughter was all over the web getting ideas.
Don't you just love Pinterest and Blogs?

I wanted to share with you some of the ideas she and I came up with.
I want to give her the credit she comes up with amazing ideas.

This party was for a little boy but you definitely could use most
of the ideas for a little girl too.

The Cake

We just used our local grocery bakery.

A cake stand is an easy way to display the cake and let it stand out.
After all, the cake is a big deal at the party.
These cake stands are from World Market.

A great idea is to use a cake for the birthday child and one for the guest.

Cute Thrifty Accents

I used a strainer to display the grapes.
Sorting them by color added a appeal to the table.
The table cloth was a piece of fabric.

When setting a table it is nice to use different heights for your items.
Here we turned over an organizer container.
The wood was a nice contrast.
If you look around your house you can find things you have to create different heights.

To hold the straws we used a milk bottle holder. 
It was something we already had.
(Decor Steals :)
For the black name labels we used chalkboard washi tape.
From Oriental Trading.

The Food Table

We used a couple cake stands to display the food.
To display the guest cake we turned over some more organizers.
In this photo you can see that we used different heights and different textures, to display the food.

Memory Displays

We wanted to find a way to represent how fast he has grown this year.
My daughter came up with this.
A burlap banner to display a picture of every month, for the past year of his life.
Of all the decor this was my favorite.
I loved looking at all the pictures.

We bought the burlap banners at Oriental Trading Company.
They came in handy for a few projects.
For a pop affect we hot glued paper doilies, then hot glued on the pictures.
We did 12 one for each month. 
It was hard to pick the pictures.

Notice the Happy Birthday Banner,
this time on a different wall.
Underneath the banner was the gift table.

We used his initial on the gift table.
Again, it is nice to use different sizes and textures and colors.
Using different heights, textures and colors helps things look more appealing.

The tables were covered with fabric, my daughter chose fabric that she 
planned on using in the future.

We printed the name on our computer and used hot glue to attach them
to the banner.

The Photo Booth

We wanted to incorporate a photo booth.
This is how we did our photo booth.

For fun she bought bow ties off Etsy, they also served as a party favor.

We used old suitcases to hold the props.  
Then made our own streamers for the back ground.
We made the streamers by using a punch and punched them out, 
of scrapbook paper.  We attached them to the string using hot glue. 

We set up the camera on a tripod.
That way we were able to try to get the same depth of field with each group of people.

 Had to get the star of the party with Mommy and Daddy in the photo booth.

The King's Throne

I almost forgot the highchair.
It is a pretty important part of the party too.
It's where the star of the party sits after all.

One more place to use those burlap banners.
Again, hot glued more doilies.
Then for the one, we used chip board from Hobby Lobby
and glittered them.
Turned out pretty cute.

 Check out my daughter's blog for more cute ideas @ Sweet Southern Souls
Follow her too on Instagram @  @katiescountrycottage

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