Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thrifty Thanksgiving Table: Dollar Store DIY


I love Thanksgiving.  
The smells in the house, the fall colors in the house and
having family around. 
This year I tasked each kiddo with cooking one item.  
I love getting them involved.  I have found they eat better when they help.


Decorating the table is always an attention grabber.

This year all I bought were some fake leaves and votives from the Dollar Tree.

Tucking the votives in some greenery sets a nice mood.

You can see the leaves under the candles.

The little pumpkins were left over from Halloween.

The branches came from various trees from our farm.
My wonderful neighbor gave me the wine jug.

Let the line up of people begin.
Yes, we were blessed with Brownies.
Some of us have to have our chocolate fix.

Best thing of all.... eating pie on the front porch.

We had amazing weather that day.
Everyone was able to sit and visit inside and out.

I hope you had some wonderful memories this Thanksgiving.

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