Sunday, December 14, 2014

CHRISTMAS gift ideas: Penguin Interaction at Sea World

Amazing time at the 

If you are anything like me Christmas and Birthday gifts are a struggle.
I don't want to give a gift that is going to end up collecting dust.
I want my gift to mean something, to have an impact or always be remembered.

Our kids are at a hard age to buy for.  It isn't a lot of fun to open clothes.
 Gift cards are nice but boring. So that doesn't leave a lot of options.

In our family we really strive to offer our kids as many experiences as possible.
Experiences are what our kids remember and enjoy.  We feel it encourages them
to learn more about their world and what is in it.  They become excited and surf 
the web and learn more.  They aspire to make a difference in their world.

When I look for those experiences I look for discounts or wait for a sale.

This year Sea World offered some big sales.
They offered the animal encounters at half off, I believe it was
because they were celebrating 50 years.  

With all the promotions we were able to do all the animal interactions.

I had to share with you that this penguin interaction that left my kids smiling all day.
They spent about an hour in there with the penguins.
They were able to touch them, take photos with them, ask questions, my 
son even hugged one. They could touch them all they wanted.
They didn't feel rushed, it was very casual.  Which I appreciate.
Highlight of the day besides hugging a penguin was seeing penguin eggs.

Everyone was super nice and loved sharing their penguin knowledge.

Taking a selfie

All of this is great for Luke. 
It effects him in wonderful ways none of us realize.

Adelynn has a passion for animals.  
This year and these animal encounters have left her
with a strong desire to get a degree in animal sciences.
She wants to make a difference.

At the end they give you a bucket to feed them.
The penguins go nuts, which is fun to watch.

The big penguins like to hug you.  For some reason they kept 
coming up to Espen.

I was an observer.  That allowed me to 
watch from the outside of the glass and let our grandson watch too.
They were so kind, they let us go back and get a photo with the penguin and touch it.
It was an experience that I would encourage others to do.
We absolutely without a doubt LOVED it.

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