Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Some Of My Favorites From My Visit To IKEA

The other day I had a chance to stop at IKEA.
If you ever get a chance to go, I recommend it.

You can get lost in there :)
You will be shocked at how much time you can spend in there,
especially if you take a friend.
It is so much fun to shop with a buddy.  It always brightens my day,
to hear the, "ooh look at that" or "I love that" statements.

At the beginning of the store, it has display rooms.
This helps to entice you. :)
It is fun though.  That is where you will hear the "oooh, look at that".

Then you stop at the cafeteria.  Grab a bite to eat.
Then shop the market area, where everything displayed is for sale.
This is where you load up the card, very wisely. 

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the things,
that I thought were really cute and priced well.

This basket was displayed at the end of a bed.  It was the size of a coffee table.
I can only imagine all the things it could hide.

I look at getting this throw or blanket every time I go in.
I'm afraid my dog's nails would ruin it.  My pups think every blanket we own is theirs.
It reminds me of a throw at Pottery Barn.

Love the lace on those pillow cases.

 Love those stripes.

 Aren't those toddler beds the neatest?

Toddler dishes

 Towels galore. 
Can you imagine, all the things these could be used for?

I don't need any dishes but the ruffled edges tempted me to buy more dishes.

More stripped pillows, a girl can't have to many pillows.

 Just loved this piece.
Wouldn't this be fun with cupcakes on it?

Cutest little bowls with lids.

 I have this colander.  I love it.  I use it for straining but also to 
display fruit or veggies at a party.
It has been so durable, hasn't even chipped yet.

These jars are the best.  I wanted to load up to organize my pantry.

Gotta love Clocks

 I wanted to take 2 of these home.
I absolutely loved these chairs.
I just want to snuggle up in it, with that cream blanket and a good book.
Oh don't forget the coffee.

Other great ideas to display and organize with.

Perfect little lanterns, loved the yellow and blue.

 Don't these Geraniums look real?

Cutest little green house.

I didn't buy any of these things, but it sure was fun window shopping.
I was practical and bought pillow cases and 1 jar to start organizing.

If you have an IKEA around you, I would encourage you to enjoy some time
browsing through IKEA.  If you can take a friend, and let the giggling begin.

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