Friday, May 22, 2015

My Hardwood Floors Lost Their Shine! Quick Shine Help.

Hardwood Floors
I love hardwood floors but they can drive me crazy.
I struggle with finding ways to keep that beautiful, hard wood shine.
My normal mopping for my floors is a bucket of warm water and vinegar.
After a while they become dull.
So every now and then I use this,
"Quick Shine"
By Holloway House

Below, is the before on the right, and the after on the left.
The shine last for about 2 -3 months.

I will share with you though, that this it is not a quick job.
At least not for me. But to have the shine back, I find it worth the hassle.

The first thing I do is put everyone in bed.
Yep! That means I am up late. Sorry.
I vacuum, then mop by hand.
I do that as to get every piece of dirt and dog hair up.
The shine is like a glaze and that piece of hair becomes trapped under the shine.

I buy a mop from the dollar tree, then throw it away.
You want to start in a corner and work your way back, you will be blocked in 
until it dries.

Squirt and mop. 
Easy enough, right?
You have to be careful though, because you can apply too much shine (glaze) to one area.
The glaze comes out quickly, so be cautious.
Try to go over it for an evenness.

Below is a picture of a squirt, just to give you an idea.

This is a picture when it was finished and dried.

I got the shine back! For now... ;-)
I have only been able to find this product at Walmart.

If you have any helpful tips on hardwood floors, I would love to hear them!
We could all help each other in this battle.

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