Thursday, October 23, 2014

Discovery Cove in Florida...A Mom's Review

Discovery Cove in Florida

Vacations can be so confusing;  where should we go, how much will it cost,
will it be worth the money?  
Those are just some of the questions we ask ourselves when we plan our vacation.
Vacations can be so expensive and we want value for our dollar.

We have been to Discovery Cove in Florida 
3 times now.
Every year my kids ask can we go back.  
It never gets old to them.  
My kids are animal and water lovers, so it is a perfect fit.

Here are a just a few of the reasons why we LOVE Discovery Cove:

Included in your ticket:

free parking :) at Discovery Cove
all you can eat breakfast (it's a hot grill breakfast)
all you can eat lunch (hot grill)
The Chef accommodated us with Luke's diet :) 
There are snack huts everywhere with free snacks and drinks
There is even free beer
They provide snorkels and mask and wet suits.
food to feed the birds in the Aviary.
you are welcomed with a complimentary family photo
On top of all that you get a 14 consecutive day pass to go to Sea World and Aquatica.

The people are super friendly.

Luke is Autistic.  There are so many things that bother his sensory overload.
He feels so comfortable at this park and all the staff are very accommodating.
The dolphin swim is the highlight for him.

This year the trainer was extremely accommodating with him.
Luke doesn't like to take his feet off the ground when he is in the water, so that
means the dolphin encounter would not include the swim part. 
This year the trainer took a lot of time to find a way for Luke to be comfortable;
she used the perfect Dolphin and found a shallow spot.
For the first time ever, Luke swam with a Dolphin all by himself!!!
It made me cry and scream with excitement all at the same time.

After that we enjoyed the lazy river which winds through the Aviary. 
We spent most of the day in the reef part where the sting rays and fish
swim all around you freely.
My other children are brave and go to the bottom and look for the stingray teeth or plates.
Luke just sits on the edge and enjoys the fish swimming around him. 
It is an experience like no other.  At the end of the day you leave with a smile on your face.

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