Monday, July 16, 2012

The Dresser Make Over

The Dresser Make Over

My parents gave me this dresser and nightstand, 16 yrs ago.
I wanted something different, but felt that the pieces had character
and sentimental value. And now that our house had wood 
walls I had all the motivation I needed.  

I was lazy and short on time.  I decided to not strip it and just try
sanding the finish off.  It worked for the most part.  I just used
a extra fine pad so the wood didn't get to rough.

I love shabby chic and the look of white, any version of white, I love
how clean and bright white makes a room.

so I found some gray paint for the under coat so when I distressed it 
it would have a hint of color.

Then a couple top coats of a satin cream color.
I like to have paint samples at the house so I can see
how they look with the lighting in the house.

After the coats when I felt like they had a good even finish I used 
the sander again just to smooth it a little.  Then I used the sander to start
sanding it to distress it.  After that I used a satin water based clear coat to finish it.
The clear coat gave it a smoother look, it kinda blended the brush strokes.

Here is the nightstand.  With the cream we needed some pop for the
handles so we used spray paint. It is the oil rubbed bronze color.

Here is the finished dresser.  I am really bad about remembering to do
"before and after." So I only have the "after" of the nightstand.
I love how they turned out.  If I had gone shopping for new pieces I 
would have picked them out at the store.  It "only" took a week. 
It also encouraged me to clean out my dresser and organize.  Gotta love that.


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