Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wicker Coffee Table Project

Exciting find; I see so much potential with this coffee table.  Someone was throwing this wicker table
away and my son brought it home and said, "do you want this?" I said,"oh, thank you, so much". I just knew it would be perfect on the front porch with a glass of tea sitting on it.

Porch before finding our treasure.

So my husband had a great idea to make the top a natural piece.  I said, "oh, yeah!"
So a wonderful friend said, I have some boards you can have.

That's my little boy who is always at my side.  Such a love bug.

The color of the base took some thought because the chairs are black.  We decided
sage green.  What a great choice.  It turned out to be a perfect accent.
I just love spray paint!

The wood ended up splitting, my creative husband gorilla glued it and clamped it.
We just love gorilla glue.

Small holes were drilled into the sides of the inside boards.  Small
wooden dowels were inserted and glued to attach the two pieces.
The 1 x 2 board was screwed to the bottom to hold the two 

After sanding the boards this is how it looked before wiping it with the oil.

After the oil.  Isn't it just perfect.

Now we have a perfect table for our evenings with our glasses of tea.

It took us (my husband and I) a day and a half to start and finish this trash to treasure transformation.  Total cost $11.


  1. Love, love, love it!!! What a creative eye you have! I would have never thought to do a natural-distressed wood top like that. It looks amazing! :)


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