Friday, October 26, 2012

Cleaning tip - battle soap scum

 I was scouring the internet for cheap cleaning tips the other day. With 3 kids and a husband forgetting to wipe down the shower it can build up fast. To be honest it is just hard to keep up with cleaning it. I have a hard time paying a lot for those expensive soap. Scum products and I haven't found one I just LOVE.

Back to the tip. I found one that was half dawn dish liquid and half vinegar.  I used an old glass cleaner bottle. We all have those laying around right. After using half and half I found the smell very powerful, I found that if I did 1/4 of Dawn and 3/4 vinegar it still worked just as well. The smell can still be a little strong.
                    I sprayed the shower and could see it working but saw it need a little time.

 I let the solution sit and walked away.  I probably let it sit about 5 mins give or take a few.  Then I took a wet cloth and rubbed the walls and doors, then I rinsed it and it looked like this.

It was so amazing. It actually worked better than anything I have ever bought for soap scum.
It didn't work as well on the walls with more stubborn scum, but still helped minimize it.

                                           I can see through the glass again!!!
                                      I love being able to see through the glass!!!
My feelings on this solution are it is affordable and it works, I suggest you play around with the mixture to find the balance you like. I have been using it for over a year now and find it works really well.

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